Land of the Long (Flat) White Cloud

Aotearoa Coffee Culture

New Zealand has more roasters per capita than anywhere in the world and coffee-making is also very competitive, with baristas vying to make the perfect cup of coffee and coffee drinkers becoming very selective in their choice.

“New Zealand has also gained notoriety on the world’s coffee scene having been credited with pioneering the “flat white” – traditionally a less milky brew with textured rather than frothy milk.

The flat white is enjoying new popularity in Britain and the United States, attributed not just to the demand from the number of Aussies and Kiwis travelling overseas, but also the many Australasians who work as baristas in cities like London and New York.

While there is some debate as to the difference between a New Zealand flat white and the Australian version, coffee experts agree that the crux of the matter is to do with the ratio of coffee to milk.

A true flat white ought to have the same quantity of extracted coffee as any other beverage on the coffee menu (generally 30ml) but because it is served in a smaller vessel (175ml) it has stronger flavour than say a latte which is normally served in a 225ml vessel and is subsequently milkier.

The consistency of the milk is another point of difference between a flat white and a latte – a latte has a creamy, velvety layer of milk on the surface which can vary in depth depending on where you buy your coffee. A flat white has a thinner band of the textured milk, ideally with a shinier surface.”  (Tourism New Zealand)

Having an Espresso Workshop with the 2014 NZ Barista Champion just behind our own workshop also helps Architects achieve greater heights…