The village that rocks!

June 2015

Sicilian villages have won the title of best in Italy two years in a row. A few posts ago we visited the most recent winner, Montalbano Elicona, now Gangi who won in 2014 and Sperlinga, a village with a castle literally growing out of a huge rock.

The castle belonged to the Ventimiglia family, a powerful medieval family that erected numerous castles and palaces throughout Sicily. More recent history has seen the area around Sperling at the centre of fighting during the allied invasion of Sicily in the Second World War. It was near Sperlinga that Robert Capa took the famous picture that became symbolic of this campaign.

It was a pity that arriving there we were presented with the Italian ‘special’ welcome when you visit cultural sites: “Closed until further notice…”. Well at least there was the consolation of the intriguing troglodyte dwellings, worthy of Star Wars’ Tattoine or a Peter Jackson movie.

PS. If interested, you can purchase a historic buildings in Gangi for 1 Euro, as long as you commit to refurbishing it.